Frequently Asked Questions About Big BRAG 2021

By bragger1 | Jan 29, 2021 |

The health and well-being of our riders, staff, volunteers, and partners is a priority for BRAG. We are committed to making decisions that align with this priority.⁠ We are committed to playing a constructive role to limit the spread of the virus which is why we are moving the 41st Annual Bicycle Ride Across Georgia to June…

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BRAG Dream Team: 2020 in Review

By bragger1 | Dec 22, 2020 |

When the Coronavirus arrived in March and changed everything, the BRAG Dream Team was ready to use 2020 vision to make the best of the pandemic by taking the safe, social justice path all year long: February – participated in the Selma to Montgomery 55th Anniversary March bike ride and visited the Equal Justice Initiave…

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Ride Refund Policy

By bragger1 | Apr 13, 2020 | Comments Off on Ride Refund Policy

You may request a refund for a ride up until the last day to request a refund as published below. If you purchased items such as jerseys or additional merchandise that has already been ordered, we will not be able to cancel or refund those items. If you registered under the pretense of receiving promotional…

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Bicycle Ride Across Georgia Announces 2020 Summer Route

By bragger1 | Jan 4, 2020 |

Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) has announced planned cycling routes and overnight camping destinations for the weeklong 2020 Big BRAG event. The next Big BRAG Summer ride, now in its 41st consecutive year, is scheduled to start May 30 at the top of Lookout Mountain, close to the Tennessee border. Participants will cycle backroads and…

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The Truth About Stretching & Cyclists

By bragger1 | Nov 22, 2019 |

From Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network Just because were in the “off-season” of cycling (is there such a thing in Georgia?), doesn’t mean you should slack off on your stretching. A daily stretch routine and proper hydration are both vital to staying in tune with your body all year long. Does Stretching Decrease Injury? While…

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By bragger1 | Oct 17, 2019 |

BRAG cyclists safely travel along quiet Georgia backroads to cross the state in 2015.

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Dream Team’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Continues

By bragger1 | May 19, 2019 |

April 20, 2019, was a beautiful spring day in coastal Georgia and the day became even more beautiful when the BRAG Dream Teamarrived for a morning training ride in celebration of an annual event, The Gathering, held at Geechee Kunda Museum and Cultural Arts Center in Riceboro Georgia.  The BRAG Dream Team is a youth cycling program in Georgia with chapters organized in Atlanta, Dublin, Macon,…

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Cycling Injuries: Ice vs. Heat

By bragger1 | May 19, 2019 |

From Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute Training to cycle BRAG? Injuries are bound pop up from time to time. Knowing the proper treatment can hasten your recovery and get you back on the saddle. When should you use ice or heat for a cycling injury? This is a common question. Surprisingly, there is little research on…

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Spring TuneUp Packing List

By bragger1 | Apr 9, 2019 |

Wondering what you should pack for BRAG’s Spring TuneUp? We’ve compiled a (not exhaustive) list to get you started! The Spring TuneUp packing list is a little different from the Big BRAG list for one reason… we camp in the the same spot every night! You can pretty much bring whatever you can fin in…

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Cycling Hydration for a Great Ride

By bragger1 | Mar 22, 2019 |

From Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute Every bike ride is a chance to grow your capabilities as a cyclist. Proper hydration is essential to success and improved cycling performance all year long, not just during Big BRAG. Trying to figure out how much water and when you should take on food may seem daunting, especially if…

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