February 15-20, 2022

A Great, Late-Winter Escape!

Winter Ride is a Relaxed, Multi-Sport Tour of Coastal Georgia

The Winter Ride is suitable for all levels of cyclists. Each day we ride to different locations in the St. Marys area and visit such attractions as Cumberland Island, the Jekyll Island, Fernandina Beach, and Kings Bay Submarine Base. Each night we stay in hotels, enjoy happy hours, and sit down to delicious dinners. Non-riders are also welcomed.




Downtown St. Marys

Optional bike to downtown St. Marys.

This route is not marked on the road. Please see cue sheets in the RIDE GUIDE.


St. Marys Ride

33 mile ride around St. Marys.

We will visit the War of 1812 site, the U.S. Navy Kings Bay Submarine Base, including the USS Bancroft Memorial, the Sugar Mill Tabby Ruins, and Crooked River State Park.

If 33 miles is too ambitious, there is a cut back to the hotel at mile 15 reducing the miles down to 16. Cue sheets provided in a separate document. Camden bikes will lead the ride and it will be signed.


Amelia Island Ride

Franklin will lead us on a 21 mile ride stopping ~halfway at Marché Burette for an optional lunch, then continue back downtown Fernandina Beach. You may also choose to ride through Fort Clinch for some extra miles.

Please see cue sheets in the RIDE GUIDE.


Jekyll Island Ride

Our final bike ride is a 16 mile bike ride around beautiful Jekyll Island. See turtles, visit Diftwood Beach, and ride comfortably under the island's gorgeous canopy.  

Please see cue sheets in the RIDE GUIDE.





Check-In at Cumberland Inn & Suites, St. Marys 


Optional 7.5 mile bike ride into downtown St. Marys to explore the Submarine Museum and the Cumberland Island Museum.


Happy Hour & Group Dinner!



33 mile loop ride visiting oldest church in Georgia, a War of 1812 site, the U.S. Navy Kings Bay Submarine Base, including the USS Bancroft Memorial, the Sugar Mill Tabby Ruins, and Crooked River State Park.


Happy Hour & Group Dinner!



Ferry to Cumberland Island @9:00am


Your choice of bike rental, hike to the Dungeness Ruins, beach walk, plum orchard


Happy Hour & Group Dinner!



Bike into downtown St. Marys. Board private ferry to Fernandina Beach.



Happy Hour & Group Dinner!



Breakfast in St. Marys then travel to Jekyll Island.


  • Bicycle Tour around Jekyll Island
  • Lunch
  • Continuing the Bicycle Tour, visiting Driftwood Beach the Bloody Marsh, Fort Fredricka, and the Christ Church. 


Happy Hour & Group Dinner!



Depart Jekyll Island hotel




Please check in with the Cumberland Island Inn & Suites from 11AM - 2PM

Get settled in your room at your leisure. If you choose, you may bike to downtown St. Marys where you can visit the Submarine Museum & the Cumberland Island Visitors Center
Also see the Accommodations section.

Parking is available at both of the hotels.

You can use Bike Flights to ship to:

Camden Bicycle Center
1929 Osborne Rd, St Marys, GA 31558

You may rent a bike from Camden Bicycle Center - or 912-576-9696



There are 4 ways to find your way while riding BRAG: 



The BRAG Ride Guide is the answer to most of your questions! Route maps and turn-by-turn cue sheets are available for each day in the Ride Guide. Take it with you on your bike!  



There will be BRAG arrows at every turn to tell you which way to turn. If there is no arrow it, means go straight. Please exercise caution here (and look for ROAD MARKINGS) as sometimes people like to collect our signs.



We have marked routes for BRAG riders. You will find BRAG's trademark circle with a hash mark in the direction of travel before, at, and after each turn. This will assure your decisions along the way! Roads are not marked in downtown areas or in areas where it is prohibited (like on bike trails).



All BRAG Routes are available for free on Ride With GPS. Download the smart phone app and load the respective day routes. Use it. Love it.

The SAG phone number is 404.382.7747. Please call if you need assistance on Winter Ride. Emergencies please dial 911

Local Numbers:

  • St. Marys Police (912) 882-4488
  • Cumberland Island National Seashore (912) 882-4336
  • Fernandina Beach Police (904) 277-7342
  • Jekyll Department of Public Safety (912) 635-2303


IMG_3428 copy copy

BRAG events take place on public right of ways. We ask motor vehicles to share the road, so we must extend the same courtesy. As much as possible we travel on low traffic roads, however we will need to travel on roads with higher traffic volume from time to time. Please review the BRAG Safety Pledge you were required to sign to participate in this BRAG event. Please consult the rider handbook provided by Georgia Bikes for more safety information.

YOU MUST STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS!! Obey all traffic control devices and exercise caution crossing rail road tracks and road crossings!

  • You are responsible for your own safety - BRAG assists as much as possible in ensuring a safe ride, however you are in control of your ride and safety. Please read carefully the cue sheets and take note of hazards outlined. Also be on the look out for BRAG signs on the roadway warning of hazards. Hazards are always being created and note we can not warn participants of every potential or existing hazard. Cycling can be a dangerous sport - take safety seriously!
  • You must obey all traffic laws and traffic control devices.
  • Wear a helmet and ensure your gear is properly functioning.
  • Communicate with other cyclists to keep each other safe - please yell, when appropriate, "car back", "car up", "rider on", "rider off", etc. Communicate about hazards such as RR tracks, pot holes, rumbles, debris in the road, cracks, animals, etc. Do not yell "CLEAR" as what is clear for you may not be for others.
  • Visibility - See and be seen, wear bright clothes, reflective clothing and use lights.
  • Bicycle lanes and shoulders - please use them when possible and safe to do so.
  • Report dangerous motorists and cyclists.
  • In the event of rain, the road and road tires can be slick and brakes can slip. Normal conditions may become more hazardous, especially rail road tracks.
  • In the event of lightning, take appropriate action and exercise caution.

This is a ride, not a race. We encourage you to stop and smell the roses and get a true taste for the vibrant fiber and culture of Georgia.





Tuesday Night | Wednesday Night | Thursday Night | Friday Night

As the premiere hotel in the St. Marys area, Cumberland Inn & Suites is an excellent starting point for a day of adventure in the Cumberland Islands, Crooked River State Park, Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge and more. Plus, all the unique shops and quality local restaurants of St. Marys are close at hand as well.


Saturday Night

Westin Jekyll Island

110 Ocean Way

Jekyll Island, GA 31527

Discover oceanfront tranquility at The Westin Jekyll Island, a four-star hotel brimming with inspired amenities. Located on the beach in Jekyll Island, Georgia, we offer a unique mix of cutting-edge amenities and classic Southern charm.



BRAG will host a Happy Hour at our hotel after our daily activities!

BRAG makes reservations for the entire group for each night after Happy Hour. 

BRAG will provide snacks and extra water along the bicycle rides... just look for the BRAG Bus!


For up-to-date registration prices, please see the registration page.

Registration entitles you to:

  • Hotel Accomodations for 5 nights
  • a printed ride guide
  • breakfast in hotel for each of the 5 mornings
  • happy hour for 5 afternoons 
  • National Park Service admission to Cumberland Island and ferry to the island
  • private ferry to/from Fernandina Beach, FL
  • guided bus tour of Jekyll's historic district.

Registration does not cover: Bike rental on Cumberland Island, lunches, dinners, admission to Ft. Clinch State Park and Ft. Clinch.

Change of Plans? Registrants have until January 10, 2019 to cancel and request a full refund. After this date. No refunds will be given, no exceptions. You can purchase insurance on your trip when you register to protect your registration fee in the event of an emergency.

Read the complete refund policy here.

Important Dates

October 31, 2020
Registration Opens
January 10, 2021

Last Day to Request a Refund

January 28, 2021

Rates Increase

February 7, 2021

Registration Closes

February 16, 2021

Winter Ride Begins!

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Water Bottle
  • Active Clothing for Cycling, Hiking, Sightseeing, ect.
    • Temperatures are unpredictable this time of year... last year, we enjoyed temps in the 80s. But be prepared for the possibility of chilly weather. Keep an eye on the forecast!
  • Casual Clothing for Dining
  • Backpack to carry your lunch to Cumberland Island and trash bag to carry trash off the island

On Winter Ride we stay in hotels, the cost of which is included in the price of registration. Tuesday night - Friday day night we stay in St. Marys. On Saturday we move to Waycross.

The weekly fee entitles you to maps, entrance to campsites (tent camping or gym camping), nightly entertainment/live bands, hot showers, extra porta-potties at overnight sites, rest stops every 15 - 20 miles (with hydration, nutrition, porta-potties), SAG wagon support, baggage transportation to the overnight campsites, access to medical team, security team, End-Of-The-Road Meal/party, medals for kids 15 and under/seniors 65 and older, and lots more.

Absolutely not! While a road bike certainly makes things a little easier, people have completed rides on every type of bike you could think of, from mountain bikes, to recumbents,  to unicycles. We do not ride very far on Winter Ride relative to other BRAG rides so a hybrid bicycle would get the job done just fine. On Cumberland island you are now allowed to bring your bike, however, the roads are fairly soft sand and a nice road bike would not be recommended.

The best thing about BRAG is the community of riders. Many come alone and leave with riding buddies for life. You will never ride alone on BRAG. Especially on Winter Ride the group is small and participates in all activities together so you will get to know everyone by the time you leave.

Absolutely, on Winter Ride, the miles are flat, and few. 

Drop us a line on our contact form or ask the BRAG community on Facebook or consult the RIDE GUIDE

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