BRAG 2014

Confirmed Route: 
Washington, Thomson, Waynesboro, Metter, Jesup, and Darien

June 8 - 14, 2014

Make this year's vacation a true adventure...

Celebrate 35 Years of Discovering Georgia by Bicycle


The BICYCLE RIDE ACROSS GEORGIA is an annual odyssey of discovery of gorgeous Georgia by bicycle. BRAG is a family-oriented tour. It is not a race. It is recreational, social, and, in many ways, educational. While a strenuous journey, BRAG has been completed by all types of people – college students and first graders, judges and soldiers, teachers and grandparents. It's like a fun summer camp for the whole family.


On BRAG 2014 you will see Georgia in a way few others see it...at the quiet, slower pace of a bicycle ride. You'll discover things about Georgia, and about yourself, that you never even imagined. You will meet people from all over the world. Many riders come back year after year to make BRAG a favorite part of their vacation.


Riders travel at their own pace along a set route. At the end of each day's ride, we tent camp at a local high school. Limited indoor camping will be available at all overnight sites, usually in the gym. Some riders will choose to stay at local motels. During the afternoon and evening, there will be activities and entertainment. The towns we'll be visiting are going all out to make sure we have a great time.


BRAG 2014 will take us over the lightly traveled back roads of East Georgia to Coastal Georgia, through small towns and rural countryside. As much as possible, the route will follow scenic roads with minimal auto traffic. In places where we have no alternative, we must travel on high traffic roads, usually for short distances. Roads are not closed to automobiles. Riders travel at their own risk.


During June, a typical weather forecast calls for temperatures in the 90s during the day, dropping to the 70s at night. Sometimes afternoon thundershowers pop up, so be prepared for rain.


BRAG 2014 is conducted by the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, in cooperation with volunteer cyclists throughout Georgia and the nation.





• The great relaxed attitude of the majority of the riders.

• Riding the backroads – very scenic!

• Seeing old friends and making new friends.

• BRAG is well organized and well-coordinated with the people at the nightly stops.

• The joy of being on my bike and sharing the experience with so many others of all ages and abilities.

• The overall ride experience. I tell my friends that BRAG is Disney World on Wheels. It’s my favorite time of the year on the bike.

• This was my eighteenth consecutive BRAG. Each BRAG is different and an unique experience. I think that is what makes BRAG so special.




• Fresh fruit at rest stops. Peaches were delicious.  Lots of rest stops staffed by friendly folks.

• The entire ride was executed to perfection. I could not have asked for more.

• The overall experience, happy hours and meeting new people.

• Great ride organization! Excellent rest stops!

• Just getting away from the daily grind was magic for me

• I thought the experience was terrific! It was very well organized.

• Great value. Even with occasional bad weather, saddle sores, little sleep, and the infamous GA heat, I’ve never had a bad day while on BRAG!



• The friendly, helpful attitude of all participants and staff.

• Camaraderie, country side, and tranquility.

• The people, of course, with shared enthusiasm makes a healthy ambience.

• Being part of the biking community. Sense of accomplishment.

• Well organized and helpful, friendly people. Loved the entire experience!

• This BRAG was my first. I only wish that I had done the ride before now. What a memorable experience! I hope to do this every year.




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